Information of Entrance Examination

Prospective students applying to the Master's and doctoral entrance examination for the academic year 2023 (examination held in Aug. 2022)

Orientation for Entrance Examination

Hybrids of online and onsite (Kashiwa campus) orientation and open labs. The details will be announced in late April on this web page.

  • Saturday, May 14th, 2022, 13:00-

  • Links on entrance examination

    The information will be updated when the COVID-19 situation changes. Please check the latest version.


    • Are numeric formulas included for the word count in the Essay?
      A. Yes, they are.
    • Can I appoint the time and date of the oral examination?
      A. No, you cannot.
    • Where should I contact when I have questions concerning admission and/or entrance examination.
      A. Please contact via E-mail at “contact [at]” (link)
    • Is the content of the Essay (1) limited to academic topics?
      A. Yes, but in a broad sense.