Kaoru SAITO / Professor / Division of Transdisciplinary Sciences
Department of Natural Environmental Studies / / Cyberforest, Landscape planning and design, Landscape evaluation.

Career Summary
1986: Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo
1986: Researcher, PREC (Planning, Reserach and Environment Consultation) Institute, Private company
1989: Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo
1994: Doctor of Agriculture from The University of Tokyo
1994: Lecturer, The University of Tokyo
1996: Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
Educational Activities
Graduate School: Biosphere Information Science,
Research Activities
The next-generation Forest Environment Information Base “Cyberforest” (1995-present):
We research about Landscape Architecture.

Cyberforest research project
Cyberforest research project

1) Kaoru SAITO, Shotaro SHIMURA (2006): Development of environmental monitoring method by analysis of 24 hours sound recording data at natural forests in the Chichibu mountains, central Japan: Journal of Landscape Architecture in Asia: Vol.2: 213-218
2) Kaoru SAITO, Akio FUJIWARA, Ayako TOKO, Akiko YANO, Takuya OKAMOTO (2006): Design study of forest environment multimedia contents for environmental education with video data at the Tokyo university forests in Chichibu: The Bulletin of the Tokyo University Forests: No.116, 267-281
3) Kaoru SAITO, Kazuki IMURA, Takuya OKAMOTO, Akio FUJIWARA (2007): Forest landscapes reconstruction using continuous forest management data from 1931 to 2001 at Tokyo University Forest in Chichibu, Central Japan: Journal of Forest Research: Vol.12 No.3, 193-200
Other Activities
Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture (JILA)
The Japanese Forest Society (JFS)
GIS Association of Japan (GISA)
Center of Environmental Information Science (CEIS)
Future Plan
Our laboratory is performing multidirectional studies to realize the next-generation forest environmental information base.
Messages to Students