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Environmental StudiesDepartment of Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment
Aim of Department
We aim to develop technologies and technology policy science on marine utilisation and preservation, and to establish teaching and research systems for industrial innovation and environmental creation pertaining to the ocean. We expect our students to complete our curriculum on offshore resources development, ocean energy utilisation, marine environment protection, ocean information systems, marine industry systems, etc., and thereby gain the competencies needed to devote themselves to policymaking, industry development, and environment preservation related to the ocean, with strong expertise and internationality.

Outline of Education/Research
This department offers education and research on: Ocean and Subsea Resource and Energy Development Engineering, which deals with the development of mineral and energy resources around the ocean; Ocean Information Systems, which integrates and manages scientific and technological information on the ocean for supplying them to policymakers; Marine Environmental Engineering, which harmonizes development with environments to create innovative marine environments; Ocean Technology Policy, which develops future perspective on marine technologies into policies by quantifying benefits, risks, and costs; and Ocean Industry Creation, which aims to evolve those technologies into industries by proposing business models based on the above-mentioned policies.


Faculty Members

KONNO, Yoshihiro
OZAKI, Masahiko

SATO, Toru
WASEDA, Takuji
WADA, Ryota

TABETA, Shigeru
MAKI, Toshihiro

BEHERA, Swadhin
Yusuke, Yokota

RHEEM, Chang-Kyu

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