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Research Center for Total Life Health and Sports Sciences
     (Closed in 2019)
The rapid aging of Japan's population amidst a drop in the birthrate has given rise to a number of problems that require an urgent response, including such concerns as the decline in children's physical strength and the need to keep the elderly from becoming bedridden. For this reason, one of the most critical challenges faced by modern society is to promote lifelong health and transform the populace into a community of physically independent, long-living individuals.
The Research Center for Total Life Health and Sports Sciences performs an extensive array of practical and applied studies with the aim of widely using the achievements of that research to aid athletes of all ages, as well as members of the general public, including children, adolescents, middle-aged adults, seniors, and those with weakened functional fitness. Specifically, we seek to help such people to enhance their ability to remain active, restore themselves to a robust, energetic constitution, maintain and improve their physical strength, and enjoy a mentally and physically healthy quality of life.
Of the various exercises and training regimens that can be used to enhance physical strength and mobility, we focus our research on new, more promising methods, including: conditioning that uses “cognitive-motion training machines” to efficiently boost the function of limb and deep-trunk muscles, routines that enhance brain function through physical exercise, and training that facilitates muscle activity. In the 2005 academic year, we conducted a study that provided physical training to frail seniors and children with intellectual disabilities, earning the gratitude of those who participated. We also pursue health-promoting activities in cooperation with local communities. Another special feature of our center is its diverse collection of exercise equipment, including sprint training machines developed by Professor Kando Kobayashi (for improving running speed), Japanese-style rowing machines, golf machines, and other equipment for traditional muscle-conditioning workouts.
The center's main gate (Kashiwa Campus II)
Low-impact resistance training for persons with low physical fitness
Sprint training machines and other equipment in fitness room
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