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Functional Materials Physics

Research content introduction

Multiferroics, a class of functional materials, are defined as materials in which multiple order parameters such as ferromagnetic, ferroelectric, and ferroelasitic orders coexist and couple each other. We aim to explore new types of mutiferroic couplings and orders such as magnetic toroidal, magnetic quadrupole, and chiral orders, which lead to unconventional control of electronic properties in materials, and hopefully which will be used for future electronic devices. To achieve these purposes, we proceed with domestic and intimate collaborations with scientists having various experimental and theoretical techniques, and expand our targets into various materials which no one focused on in terms of multiferroic research.


See things from a different aspect. Don't be afraid of making a mistake. After much trial and error, you will reach unexpected new findings.

One of our main research topics is the study on "multiferroics": a class of functional materials showing unusual couplings between magnetism and electricity. In the 20th century, such materials were quite rare. When I participated in the American Physical Society meeting in 2001, I firstly heard the term "multiferroics". There, several theorists explained why there are so few multiferroics in nature. Since I am an experimentalist, I decided to experimentally demolish the theoretical negative suggestion, and jumped in the research field. To develop new functional materials, sometimes go against common sense and don't be afraid of making a mistake. After much trial and error, you will reach unexpected new findings.

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Professor Tsuyoshi Kimura

Professor Tsuyoshi Kimura

B.Eng., in Synthetic Chemistry, University of Tokyo

Ph.D(Eng.), in Superconductivity, University of Tokyo

Postdoctoral fellow, Joint Research Center for Atom Technology

Lecturer, Dept. of Applied Physics, University of Tokyo

Limited term staff member, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Member of technical staff, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies

Professor, Division of Materials Physics, Osaka University

Professor, Dept. of Advanced Materials Science, University of Tokyo

Student voice

Prof. Tsuyoshi Kimura is not only a world leading scientist with brilliant achievements but also a supervisor who cares about each of his students and guide their research to a proper direction. He is also a mentor who gives the first priority to students' development, respects our opinions about research themes, and admits our trials. Thus, he provides us the circumstance that we freely proceed with our own research, and give us advice which advances our research in terms of his wide experiences and deep knowledge. Our research aims innovative breakthroughs in condensed matter physics and materials science, which are potentials for future electronic devices. I feel greatly attracted to my circumstance that I can engage in such a research.

Hiroki Ueda

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