The Division of Integrated Biosciences

Department of Integrated Biosciences was built up by integrating researchers with various scientific backgrounds. The aim of this division is to establish a new system comprised of both graduate education and research, for the rapid development of biosciences. In this new transdisciplinary department we have provided an environment that encourages talented students to find solutions to the problems concerning biosciences in the 21st century. We welcome participation of positively minded students, who have a desire to participate in the cultivation of the future of biosciences, regardless of what scientific backgrounds they have. Through the resulting diverse student participation, we will establish the next millennium biosciences covering research areas from molecular levels to organism levels, as well as from the most basic to the most applied fields.

This department consists of two groups. Group of Biosciences on Structural Aspects aims to elucidate the first principles of life and their applications, by focusing on the structure of biomacromolecules and the small organic compounds that interact with them. Group of Biosciences on Functional Aspects aims to investigate the unknown functions of life by analyzing the diversified functions of living things from the molecular and cellular levels to the organ and organism levels. Through the synthesis of these two groups, we aim to cultivate the frontiers of biosciences.