Advanced Materials Science

Nonreciprocal linear dichroism observed in electron spin resonance spectra of the magnetoelectric multiferroic Pb ( TiO ) Cu4 ( PO4 )4 2021:12:24:17:00:00
ABSTRACT It is known that magnetic excitations in magnetoelectric multiferroics can be induced by the oscillation of electric polarization, ...
Hyper 100 °C Langmuir-Blodgett (Langmuir-Schaefer) Technique for Organized Ultrathin Film of Polymeric Semiconductors 2021:12:09:16:42:21
Abstract In this study, we advanced the conventional Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) method to a high-temperature range (above 100 °C) using a newly...
Ionic to neutral conversion induced by resonant excitation of molecular vibrations coupled to intermolecular charge transfer 2021:11:19:09:46:26
ABSTRACT In organic molecular compounds, intramolecular vibration is sometimes coupled with intermolecular charge transfer (CT). In such mat...
Approaching isotropic charge transport of n-type organic semiconductors with bulky substituents 2021:11:12:06:23:50
Abstract Benzo[de]isoquinolino[1,8-gh]quinolinetetracarboxylic diimide (BQQDI) is an n-type organic semiconductor that has shown unique mult...
Two-dimensional hole gas in organic semiconductors 2021:09:07:09:32:13
Abstract A highly conductive metallic gas that is quantum mechanically confined at a solid-state interface is an ideal platform to explore n...
Tough hydrogels with rapid self-reinforcement 2021:06:04:10:00:25
Tougher when stressed Hydrogels are typically weak materials because they contain only a small fraction of polymeric material highly swollen...
Novel Magnet Design with Magic Mirror-like Properties 2021:05:25:11:07:24
Summary Researchers at Tohoku University and The University of Tokyo have demonstrated the designability of novel magnets with magic mirror-...
Strongly correlated superconductivity in a copper-based metal-organic framework with a perfect kagome lattice 2021:03:18:08:11:28
Abstract Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), which are self-assemblies of metal ions and organic ligands, provide a tunable platform to search ...
Tilting and Rotational Motions of Silver Halide Crystal with Diffracted X-ray Blinking 2021:03:05:21:42:51
Abstract The dynamic properties of crystalline materials are important for understanding their local environment or individual single-grain...
Chrysenodithiophene-Based Conjugated Polymer: An Elongated Fused π-Electronic Backbone with a Unique Orbital Structure Toward Efficient Intermolecular Carrier Transport 2021:03:02:10:43:49
Abstract In the current mainstream development of polymer semiconductors aiming for high charge carrier mobility, the degree of intermolecu...
Terahertz-field-induced polar charge order in electronic-type dielectrics 2021:02:12:10:39:59
Abstract Ultrafast electronic-phase change in solids by light, called photoinduced phase transition, is a central issue in the field of non...
Bond directional anapole order in a spin-orbit coupled Mott insulator Sr2(Ir1−xRhx)O4 2021:02:04:16:13:51
ABSTRACT An anapole state that breaks inversion and time-reversal symmetries while preserving translation symmetry of an underlying lattice ...
High-pressure phase diagrams of FeSe1−xTex: correlation between suppressed nematicity and enhanced superconductivity 2021:01:15:16:19:05
Abstract The interplay among magnetism, electronic nematicity, and superconductivity is the key issue in strongly correlated materials inclu...
Surface Doping of Organic Single‐Crystal Semiconductors to Produce Strain‐Sensitive Conductive Nanosheets 2020:12:18:17:38:48
Abstract A highly periodic electrostatic potential, even though established in van der Waals bonded organic crystals, is essential for the ...
Electroless-plated Gold for High-performance Organic Thin Film Transistors 2020:08:10:12:00:00
Abstract Deposition of metallic electrodes on a semiconductor medium is an indispensable factor in governing carrier injection, and a metal...
Low-voltage and high-mobility organic single-crystal transistors made by polymer-blend printing 2020:08:05:12:00:00
Abstruct Organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) have attracted great attention as key elements in Internet-of-Thing (IoT) devices due to ...
Unimolecularly thick monosheets of vinyl polymers fabricated in metal–organic frameworks 2020:07:17:12:00:00
Abstract Polymers with two-dimensional (2D) network topologies are currently gaining significant attention due to their unique properties t...
Imaging switchable magnetoelectric quadrupole domains via nonreciprocal linear dichroism 2020:07:09:12:00:00
Abstract Parity-odd magnetoelectric multipoles such as magnetic quadrupoles and toroidal dipoles contribute to various symmetry-dependent m...
Motion tracking of 80-nm-size skyrmions upon directional current injections 2020:06:18:12:00:00
Abstract Nanometer-scale skyrmions are prospective candidates for information bits in low–power consumption devices owing to their topologi...
Magnetochiral Dichroism in a Collinear Antiferromagnet with No Magnetization 2020:05:28:12:00:00
Abstract We show the directional dichroism in a collinear antiferromagnet MnTiO3. The dichroism between two distinctive antiferromagne...
Nanometric square skyrmion lattice in a centrosymmetric tetragonal magnet 2020:05:19:12:00:00
Abstract Magnetic skyrmions are topologically stable spin swirls with a particle-like character and are potentially suitable for the design...
Robust, High-Performance n-Type Organic Semiconductors 2020:05:02:12:00:00
Abstract Organic semiconductors (OSCs) are important active materials for the fabrication of next-generation organic-based electronics. How...
Cryogenic-specific reddish coloration could explain color diversity of outer solar system objects 2020:03:17:12:00:00
Abstruct Reddish coloration and color diversity among icy bodies in the outer solar system are significant clues for understanding the stat...
Damage-free Metal Electrode Transfer to Monolayer Organic Single Crystalline Thin Films 2020:03:16:12:00:00
Abstruct Solution-processed organic thin film transistors (OTFTs) are an essential building block for next-generation printed electronic de...
Chemical identification of the foremost tip atom in atomic force microscopy 2020:03:13:12:00:00
Abstruct Chemical identification of individual surface atoms has been achieved by measuring the chemical bonds between tip and surface atom...
Novel electronic nematicity in heavily hole-doped iron pnictides superconductors 2020:03:10:12:00:00
Abstruct Electronic nematicity, a correlated state that spontaneously breaks rotational symmetry, is observed in several layered quantum ma...
Charge mobility calculation of organic semiconductors without use of experimental singlecrystal data 2020:02:18:12:00:00
Abstract Prediction of material properties of newly designed molecules is a long-term goal in organic electronics. In general, it is a diff...
High‐Speed Organic Single‐Crystal Transistor Responding to Very High Frequency Band 2020:02:06:12:00:00
Abstract Although high carrier mobility organic field‐effect transistors (OFETs) are required for high‐speed device applications, improving...
Sub-molecular structural relaxation at a physisorbed interface with monolayer organic semiconductors 2020:01:24:12:00:00
Abstract Arranging molecules into highly symmetric, topological crystal structures has been recognized as the best approach to functionaliz...
Controlled transformation of skyrmions and antiskyrmions in a non-centrosymmetric magnet 2020:01:21:12:00:00
Abstract Control of topological spin textures in magnetic systems may enable future spintronic applications. Magnetic field pulses can swit...
High performance, semiconducting membrane composed of ultrathin, single-crystal organic semiconducto 2019:12:17:12:00:00
Abstract Thin film transistors (TFTs) are indispensable building blocks in any electronic device and play vital roles in switching, proces...
Topological charge transport by mobile dielectric-ferroelectric domain walls 2019:11:18:12:00:00
Abstract The concept of topology has been widely applied in condensed matter physics, leading to the identification of peculiar electronic ...
Scalable Fabrication of Organic Single-Crystalline Wafers for Reproducible TFT Arrays 2019:11:05:12:00:00
Abstract Building on significant developments in materials science and printing technologies, organic semiconductors (OSCs) promise an idea...
Biexciton in one-dimensional Mott insulators 2019:11:01:12:00:00
Abstract Mott insulators sometimes show dramatic changes in their electronic states after photoirradiation, as indicated by photoinduced Mo...
Room-Temperature Low-Field Colossal Magnetoresistance in Double-Perovskite Manganite 2019:09:18:12:00:00
S. Yamada, N. Abe, H. Sagayama, K. Ogawa, T. Yamagami, and T. Arima We have discovered room-temperature low-field colossal magnetoresistanc...
Ion exchange discovered in solid-state semiconducting polymers 2019:08:29:12:00:00
Ion exchange discovered in solid-state semiconducting polymers: Dr. Yu Yamashita, Prof. Jun Takeya, Project Associate Professor Shun Watanab...
Discovery of New Refractive Phenomena of Light: Difference between Back and Forth 2019:08:02:12:00:00
    光の屈折の新現象を発見~往路と帰路で光の経路にずれ~ 発表者 有馬 孝尚(東京大学大学院新領域創成科学研究科物質系専攻 教授) 豊田 新悟(研究当時:東京大学大学院新領域創成科学研究科物質系専攻 大学院生 現:理化学研究所創発物性科学研...
Detecting novel mobile particles with neutral charge in an insulator 2019:07:02:12:00:00
        絶縁体中を動き回る謎の中性粒子を検出―「絶縁体」における「金属」的な熱の伝搬― 概要  京都大学大学院理学研究科の佐藤雄貴 博士課程学生、笠原成 同助教、笠原裕一 同准教授、松田祐司 同教授、東京大学大学院...
C.elegans was alive even below freezing -New low temperature storage- 2019:05:16:12:00:00
C. elegans was alive even below freezing !! -New low temperature storage and expectation for normal temperature storage-   publisher:...
Emeritus Prof. Maki Kawai receives the L'Oréal-UNESCO international award for women in science. 2019:03:08:12:00:00
Professor Emerita Maki Kawai receives the 21st edition of the L'Oréal-UNESCO international award for women in science, in recognition of her...