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Transdisciplinary SciencesGraduate Program in Sustainability Science
- Global Leadership Initiative: GPSS-GLI
education program
>> ~ Cultivating individuals who will use their international perspective and practical skills to help realize a sustainable society ~

The Graduate Program in Sustainability Science - Global Leadership Initiative aims at cultivating human resources who will contribute to the development of a sustaunable world through their international perspective. The GPSS stands on its own as the equivalent of a graduate school department, offering its own curriculum and awarding Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Sustainability Science. Like GSFS departments, the GPSS has its own entrance examination that must be passed in order to gain admission. The GPSS was established as a joint initiative of five GSFS departments to provide a program for broad study of the basic knowledge and concepts necessary for creating a sustainable society. The program continues to be supported by those departments, and by The University of Tokyo Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science (IR3S). In addition to providing knowledge, GPSS also endeavors to equip students with an international perspective and various practical skills, including communication skills, by conducting all lectures and seminars in English. More than half of the students enrolled are international students. With its emphasis on education that actively involves students in hands-on exercises, the program is designed to enable students of different disciplines, nationalities, and cultures to acquire practical skills experientially by cooperating with and intellectually stimulating one another as they engage in academic discussion. GPSS also includes a full array of practical training programs that involve fieldwork performed overseas, and provides international students with a support base regarding various scholarship opportunities such as the “The International Priority Graduate Programs (PGP)—Advanced Graduate Courses for International Students.” Supported by MEXT.




Faculty Members

MINO, Takashi
YOSHIDA, Yoshikuni

HORITA, Masahide
ONUKI, Motoharu
YARIME, Masaru

KIMURA, Shingo
SATOH, Hiroyasu

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