Yoshikuni Yoshida / Professor / Division of Environmental Studies
Department of Environment Systems / / Environment Systems and Economics

Career Summary
1992: Graduated, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
1997: Doctor of Engineering from The University of Tokyo
1997: Research Associate, The University of Tokyo
2004: Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
2012: Professor, The University of Tokyo
Educational Activities
Graduate School:Environment Systems and Economics
Undergraduate: Dynamic systems, Basic Economics
Research Activities
We evaluate and propose the countermeasures for global warming from the viewpoint of energy production and utilization. Following are topics that form our main research focus:
1) Evaluation of public acceptance for technology or policies by modeling consumers' preferences based on methods of environmental economics, such as CVM or conjoint analysis1),
2) Analysis of the influence of environmental policies by developing applied general equilibrium models or optimization models of overall energy systems2),
3) Analysis of consumers' behaviors for implementation of environmental labeling based on the life-cycle assessment3).
1) Yoshikuni Yoshida, Akira Morishita, Ryuji Matsuhashi and Hisashi Ishitani, "An analysis on CO2 reduction effects of introducing the green taxation to car ownership tax", Proceedings of the 6th International conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies, (2002), 1769-1772
2) Yoshikuni Yoshida, Kiyoshi Dowaki, Yukihiko Matsumura, Ryuji Matsuhashi, Dayin Li, Hisashi Ishitani and Hiroshi Komiyama, "Comprehensive Comparison of Efficiency and CO2 Emissions between Biomass Energy Conversion Technologies -Position of Supercritical Water Gasification in Biomass Technologies", Biomass & Bioenergy, Vol. 25, No. 3 (2003), 257-272
3) Yoshikuni Yoshida, Hisashi Ishitani, Ryuji Matsuhashi, Yuki Kudoh, Hiroyuki Okuma, Koji Morita, Ami Koike and Osamu Kobayashi, "Reliability of LCI considering the uncertainty of energy consumption in input-output analysis", Applied Energy, Vol.73, No.1 (2002), 71-82

Other Activities
The Japan Society of Energy and Resources
Center for Environmental Information Science

Future Plan
As one step toward solving the global environment problem, I would like to conduct research that supports decision making on environmental policies. It is important to contribute to improving the immediate environment by taking the concept "Think globally, act locally" into consideration.
Messages to Students
To meet the aim of transdisciplinary education, we have lectures that cover a wide range of environmental studies. In conducting research, however, you should aim to have concrete awareness of the problems and always think about what is necessary to solve problems.