Yoshiaki Akutsu / Associate Professor / Division of Environmental Studies
Department of Environment Systems / / Environmental reaction chemistry, Atmospheric environment, Emission sources, Energetic materials

Career Summary
1980: Graduated, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
1985: Doctor of Engineering from The University of Tokyo
1985: Research Associate, Seikei University
1988: Research Associate, The University of Tokyo
1999: Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
Educational Activities
Graduate school:Environmental and Material Systems
Undergraduate:Practical Training for Computer Science
Research Activities
Environmental Reaction Chemistry
We are conducting research on photochemical air pollution through volatile organic compounds (VOCs)-NOx-air system UV
irradiation experiments (smog chamber experiments) and computer simulations using chemical reaction models to estimate ozone
formation from various VOCs in the atmosphere (ref.1).
As a new toxic chemical species, gas-phase smoke radicals from combustion are studied. Gas-phase radicals were detected from
olefin-NOx-air system and the formation mechanism for gas-phase radicals from cigarette smoke was determined. In addition,
reactions of gas-phase smoke radicals with biological model compounds such as cysteamine are investigated to clarify toxicity

Chemistry of Energetic Materials
Heats of formation for energetic materials such as nitro compounds were estimated by semi-empirical MO (molecular orbital)
method and molecular mechanics (ref.3).
Hazard evaluation program for heat release based on thermochemical calculation has been developed (ref.4).
Presently, modeling of thermal decomposition of energetic materials is being conducted by MO and chemical kinetic calculations
to investigate the relationship between chemical structure and thermal stability.
1) Akutsu, Toyoda, Tomita, Yoshizawa, Tamura, and Yoshida: Effect of Exhaust from Alcohol Fuel on Ozone Formation in the
Atmosphere, Atmospheric Environment, Vol.25A, No.7, pp1383-1389, 1991.
2) Akutsu, Gu, Furusawa, Arai, and Tamura: Oxidation of Cysteamine induced by gas-phase radicals from combustion smoke of poly
(methyl methacrylate), Chemosphere, Vol.37, No.5, pp.875-883, 1998.
3) Akutsu, and Tamura: Calculations of Heats of Formation for Azoles with PM3, J. Energetic Materials, Vol.11, No.3, pp.205-
218, 1993.
4) Akutsu, Kawakatsu, Wada, Tamura, and Yoshida: REITP3-Hazard evaluation program for heat release based on thermochemical
calculation, Kayaku Gakkaishi, Vol.60, No.3, pp.149-154, 1999.
Other Activities
Japan Society for Atmospheric Environment
Japan Explosives Society
Japan Society for Safety Engineering
The Chemical Society of Japan
Future Plan
We are planning to carry out research as listed below.
- Formation mechanism of atmospheric organic aerosols
- Measurement of toxic compounds such as nitro compounds in the environment
- Environmental photochemical reactions
- Treatment of pollutants by reactive chemical species
- Modeling of energy release behavior of energetic materials
Messages to Students
I would like to make use of my research experience in atmospheric environmental chemistry, inorganic material chemistry and
safety chemistry to develop the field of environmental reaction chemistry.
I hope that you will learn much from the knowledge accumulated by predecessors and persevere in your research.