Toru Torii / Professor / Division of Environmental Sciences
Department of Human and Engineered Environmental Studies / / Microfluidics and Microreactors

Career Summary
1980: Graduated, Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo
1982: Master of Engineering from The University of Tokyo
1982: Mitsubishi Motors Co. Ltd
1984: Research assistant, Tohoku Institute of Technology
1989: Research assistant, School of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo
1999: Associate Professor, Department of Precision Engineering, The University of Tokyo
2006: Professor, School of Frontier Sciences
Educational Activities
Under Graduate School: Engineering Mechanics
Graduate School: Special lecture on Environmental Amenity
Research Activities
Microreactor for functional polymer beads

Janus droplet formation
Janus droplet formation

Microfluidics applications

Double emulsion by microfluidics
Double emulsion by microfluidics

Droplet actuation application

Droplet formation and 2D actuation
Droplet formation and 2D actuation

Protein Crystallization under electric field
Autonomous navigation of Agricultural vehicles
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Other Activities
Japanese Society of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Engineers and Scientists (JABEES)
Japanese Society of Precision Engineering
Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (IEEJ)
Future Plan

Our laboratory would like to contribute to the utilization of the microreactor for the production of various beads.

Messages to Students
I welcome you to join our laboratory in order to develop new and innovative production technologies for the following fields: microreactors. microfluidis, digital fluidcs, protein crystallization, and agricultural engineering.