Tetsuya Sakuma / Associate Professor / Division of Environmental Studies
Department of Socio-Cultural Environmental Studies / / Environmental Acoustics

Career Summary
1991: Graduated, Dept of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Univ of Tokyo
1996: Completed, Dept of Architecture, Grad School of Engineering, Univ of Tokyo (Dr Eng)
1996: Research Associate, Faculty of Engineering, Niigata Univ
1998: Lecturer, Grad School of Engineering, Univ of Tokyo
1999: Associate Professor, Grad School of Frontier Sciences, Univ of Tokyo
2001: Guest Researcher, Technical Univ of Aachen
2002: Guest Researcher, Norwegian Univ of Science and Technology
Educational Activities
Graduate School: Environmental Acoustics, Exercise on Environmental Acoustics, Introduction to Socio-cultural and Socio-physical Environments
Research Activities
Our research activities focus on methods of prediction and evaluation and on techniques for designing and controling living environments, particularly for sound environment in buildings and urban spaces. Our aim is creating balanced planning for sound environments; therefore, we are tackling such problems as architectural acoustics, noise/vibration, communication, and soundscape, from various perspectives, such as physical, psychological, physiological, social, and cultural. Furthermore, we are pursuing the comfortability, health, safety, convenience, and sustainability of future living environments and lifestyles through integrated evaluation of living environments and investigation of residents' consciousness and behavior. For details, click here.
1) T. Sakuma: Analysis and evaluation methodology on acoustic scattering performance of architectural surfaces, J. Acoust. Soc. Jpn. Vol.61, pp.39-44, 2005.
2) Archit. Inst. Jpn., Ed.: Sound Material in Living Environment (Gihodo Shuppan, Tokyo, 2004).
3) T. Sakuma and Y. Yasuda: Fast multipole boundary element method for large-scale steady-state sound field analysis, Part I: Setup and Validation, Acustica/acta acustica Vol.88 pp.513-525, 2002.
4) J. Kanda and H. Sato, Eds.: Environments in Tokyo (Asakura Bookstore, Tokyo, 2002).
5) Archit. Inst. Jpn., Ed.: Prediction of Sound Field in Rooms: Theory, Application and Recent Development (Archit. Inst. Jpn., Tokyo, 2001).
Other Activities
Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ)
Acoustical Society of Japan (ASJ)
Institute of Noise Control Engineering of Japan (INCE/JAPAN)
Soundscape Association of Japan (SAJ)
Man-Environment Research Association (MERA)
European Acoustics Association (EAA)
German Acoustical Society (DEGA)
Future Plan
Messages to Students