Takayuki Minato / Associate Professor / Institute of Environmental Studies
Department of International Studies / Management Science in Development / Decision Making and Risk Analysis in Development

Career Summary
1980: Graduated, School of Engineering, Kagoshima University
1990: Master of Science from The University of California at Berkeley
1994: Doctor of Philosophy from The University of California at Berkeley
1995: Assistant Professor, Tokai University
1997: Assistant Professor, Asian Institute of Technology
2000: Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
Educational Activities
Graduate School: Development Model and Project Evaluation, International Coo p eration and Decision Making
Research Activities
New Research Initiatives in the Humanities and Social Sciences (2005-2007): Research on "technological politics" in development
Scenario Analysis for Implementing Innovative Technologies(2007-2008):Research on market place Technology Assessment of   Nano-Tech(2007-2010): Research on policy and analytical model

1) Minato, T. and Charoenpornpattana, S.: Analytical Description of the Uses of Real Options in Concession/BOT Projects
2) Sutheerawatthana, P., Minato, T.: The Political Phenomenon of Chain Effects in Infrastructure Development
Other Activities
Japan Society for Science and Technology Studies (STSS)
The Japan Association of Real Options and Strategy (JAROS)
Future Plan
Developing analytical framework for the use of technology including social aspects
Formulating scenarios   for infrastructure development into  mutual cooperation among international cities .

Messages to Students
I want students who are not constrained by traditional views and theories.
While logical thinking is always important, it is not the only way we depend .