Takaaki Takahashi / Professor / Division of Environmental Studies
Department of Socio-Cultural Environmental Studies / / Urban and Regional Ecoomics

Career Summary
1985: Graduated, Department of Economics, Keio University
1987: M.A. in Economics, Keio University
1993: Research Associate, The University of Tokyo
1994: Ph.D. in Economics, Northwestern University
1996: Associate Professor, Saitama University
1997: Associate Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
1998: Associate Professor, Sophia University
2003: Professor, Sophia University
2004: Professor, The University of Tokyo
Educational Activities
Undergraduate School: Urban Economics, Regional Economics
Graduate School: Urban and Regional Economic Analysis
Research Activities
1) Research on the provision of regional public goods and services
2) Research on the interrelationship between transport technology (transport cost) and economic geography.
1) Takahashi, T., "Economic Geography and Endogenous Determination of Transportation Technology," Journal of Urban Economics, 60 (2006), 498-518.
2) Takahashi, T., "Spatial Competition of Governments in the Investment of Public Facilities," Regional Science and Urban Economics, 34 (2004), 455-488.
3) Takahashi, T., "International Trade and Inefficiency in the Location of Production," Journal of Japanese and International Economies, 17 (2003), 134-152.

Other Activities
American Economic Association
Japan Economic Association
Applied Regional Science Conference
Future Plan
The resources available in an economy must be allocated in some ways between the production of goods and services, and transportation activities. I will examine what mechanism determines this allocation using a model of the new economic geography.
Messages to Students
Economics studies how individuals and organizations behave in response to various incentives. In order to understand environment-related problems, it is necessary to know how people behave under various policies and systems.
Thus, by adding the viewpoint of economics to that of engineering, you can see more clearly the whole image of the problems.