Shin'ichi Konomi / Associate Professor / Division of Environmental Studies
Department of Socio-Cultural Environmental Studies / / Ubiquitous Computing, Human-Computer Interaction

Career Summary
1989: Graduated from Faculty of Engineering (Kyushu University)
1994: Research Associate (Kyoto University)
1996: Ph.D. in Computer Science (Kyoto University)
1997: Postdoctoral Research Scientist (German National Research Center for Information Technology: GMD IPSI)
1999: Postdoctoral Researcher (University of Colorado)
2010: Associate Professor (University of Tokyo)
Educational Activities
Graduate school: Urban Computing
Undergraduate: Urban Analysis (Department of Urban Engineering)
Research Activities
Roomware (1997-1999):
Developed software technologies to support creative collaborative work by embedding computing devices in office spaces and furniture [1,2].

Ubiquitous Information Sharing System (1999-2002):
Developed a ubiquitous computing system that enables people to share useful information using embedded RFID tags in physical objects [3]. The proposed technique could be applied to Internet of Things (IoT) environments as well.

Ubiquitous Information Sharing System
Ubiquitous Information Sharing System
Ubiquitous Human Communication Support System (2005-2006):
Developed a system that supports human communications by responding to people's proximity relationships and presenting relevant social networks. We have deployed the system at academic events and discussed its effectiveness [4].

Ubiquitous Human Communication Support System
Ubiquitous Human Communication Support System
Participatory Information Sharing System for Citizens (2011-2012):
Developed a system that helps citizens collect environmental information in an exploratory manner. We discussed its effectiveness from the perspectives of discovery, learning, and creativity [5].

Participatory Information Sharing System for Citizens
Participatory Information Sharing System for Citizens

1) Streitz, Konomi, and Burkhardt (Eds.) (1998): Cooperative Buildings - Integrating Information, Organization, and Architecture. Springer.
2) Streitz, Geissler, Holmer, Konomi, Mueller-Tomfelde, Reischl, Rexroth, Seitz, and Steinmetz (1999): i-LAND: An Interactive Landscape for Creativity and Innovation. Proc. ACM CHI, pp. 120-127.
3) Konomi (2002): QueryLens: Beyond ID-Based Information Access. Proc. UbiComp, pp. 210-218.
4) Konomi, Inoue, Kobayashi, Tsuchida, and Kitsuregawa (2006): Supporting Collocated Interactions Using RFID and Social Network Displays. IEEE Pervasive Computing, 5(3).
5) Konomi, Sasao, Fujita, and Arikawa (2012): Enriching Participatory Sensing Environments through Scaffolding. The IEICE Transactions (Japanese Edition) Vol. J95-B, No. 11, pp. 1388-1395.
Other Activities
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
IEEE Computer Society
Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)
Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers of Japan (IEICE)
GIS Association of Japan
The Database Society of Japan (DBSJ)

Future Plan
We perform our research with the objective of building the information environments that help solve real problems in urban and suburban communities.
Messages to Students
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