Masashi Suzuki / Associate Professor / Division of Biosciences
Department of Integrated Biosciences / / Analysis of molecular interaction between virus and plant

Career Summary
1987: Graduated, Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo
1989: Master of Agriculture from The University of Tokyo
1989: Researcher, Japan Tobacco inc.
1996: Research Associate, The University of Tokyo
1997: Doctor of Agriculture from The University of Tokyo
2001: Associate Professor, The Yokohama National University
2005: Associate Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Educational Activities
Graduate School: Microbe vs Non-Microbe Interactions, Ethics in Science and Technology
Research Activities
Functional analysis of Cucumber mosaic virus genes (1989~1996):
We conducted research on the genes of the Cucumber mosaic virus, which is involved in viral movement and pathogenicity.

Analysis of plant virus replication and diversity of plant viruses (1997~2004):
We conducted research on cucumovirus replication and diversity of plant viruses in the field.

Analysis of molecular interactions between virus and plant (2005~Present):
We are now investigating the molecular interactions between plant and virus.
1) M. Suzuki, S. Kuwata, J. Kataoka, C. Masuta, N. Nitta and Y. Takanami: Functional analysis of deletion mutants of cucumber mosaic virus RNA 3 using an in vitro transcription system, Virology, 183, pp. 106-113 (1991).
2) M. Suzuki, C. Masuta, Y. Takanami and S. Kuwata: Resistance against cucumber mosaic virus in plants expressing the viral replicon, FEBS Letters, 379, pp.26-30 (1996).
3) M. Suzuki, T. Hibi and C. Masuta: RNA recombination between cucumoviruses: possible role of predicted stem-loop structures and an internal subgenomic promoter-like motif, Virology, 306, pp.77-86 (2003).
Other Activities
Member of the Phytopathological Society of Japan
1996-1997 Secretary of Phytopathological Society of Japan
1998-1999 Secretary of the Kanto Division, Chapter of Phytopathological Society of Japan
Future Plan
In our laboratory, the main research topic is clarification of the molecular interactions of plant and virus. In particular, we are aiming to elucidate the interaction of the virus factor and the host factor as related to replication mechanisms, movement mechanisms, and pathogenicity of the virus at the molecular level. As a result, virus disease generation mechanisms and virus replication mechanisms are clarified, and we aim to develop biological resources using the plant and virus functions.
Messages to Students
The Graduate School of Experimental Biosciences is a place where your ability is developed for your future. Join us to conduct research on a topic that interests you. By overcoming difficult problems, you will experience the delight of obtaining new findings.