Koji Okamoto / Professor / Division of Environmental Studies
Department of Human and Engineered Environmental Studies / / Quantitative Visualization & Information Visualization

Career Summary
1983: Graduated, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
1985: Master of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
1985: Researcher, Kobe Shipyards, Mitsubishi Heavy Industires
1988: Research Associate, The University of Tokyo
1992: Doctor of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
1993: Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
1994: (Visiting Associate Professor, Texas A&M University)
2004: Professor, The University of Tokyo
2004: (Visiting Professor, Kyushu University)
Educational Activities
Graduate school:Environmental Visualization
Undergraduate school: Scientific Visualization, Advanced Project
Research Activities
"Visualization": Physical visualization and information visualization.
The invisible physics and information will be visualized using an active approach . Visualization will be the key technology for the 21st century.

  1. Micro-fluid Visualization
    The advanced visualization technology has been developed to measure the flow inside micro-flow system whose size is less than 100 micro-meters.
    The target flow includes Red Blood Cell motion in micro capillary flow and fluid dynamics in micro-fluidics.
  2. Three-dimensional Information Visualization
    An advanced 3D interface and collaboration system has been studied using Web3D technology. This novel visualization will be developed through the internet.
  3. Radiation Induced Surface Activation (RISA)
    Irradiation of gamma-rays on the oxidezed material surface results in the improvements in wetability. Heat transfer under strong irradiation conditions has also been studied, e.g., in a space environments and nuclear reactors.

    3D3C velocity measurement technique inside 0.1mm micro round tube.

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2) Flow velocity profile of micro counter-current flows, A. Aota, A. Hibara, K. Shinohara, Y. Sugii, K. Okamoto, T. Kitamori, Anal. Sci. 23 (2007) 131-133
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7) Measurement of powder flow in a screw feeder by x-ray penetration image analysis, K Uchida, K Okamoto, Meas. Sci. Technol. 17 (2006) 419-426
8) Experimental analysis of high-speed helium jet flow using four-dimensional digital speckle tomography, HS Ko, K Ikeda, M Ishikawa, K Okamoto, YJ Kim, Exp. Fluids 40 (2006) 442-451
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11) Velocity measurement of both red blood cell and plasma of in vitro blood flow using a high-speed micro-PIV technique, Y.Sugii, R.Okuda, K.Okamoto, H.Madarame, Meas. Sci. Technol. 16 (2005) 1126-1130
12) Effect of Korteweg stress in Miscible Liquid Two-Layer Flow in a Microfluidic Device, Y.Sugii, K.Okamoto, A.Hibara, M.Tokeshi, T.Kitamori, J. Visualization 8 (2005) 117-124
13) Main results of the Second International PIV Challenge, M.Stanislas, K.Okamoto, C.J.Kaehler, J.Westerweel, Exp. Fluids 39 (2005) 170-191
14) 4D-PTV - Measurements of an impinged jet with a dynamic 3D-PTV, TG. Hwang, DH. Doh, K. Okamoto, J.Visualization 8 (2005) 245-252
15) Development of 3D scanning micro particle image velocimetry system using a piezo actuator, K. Shinohara, Y. Sugii, J.H. Jeong, K. Okamoto, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 76 (2005) 106109

Other Activities
Atomic Energy Society of Japan
Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
Visualization Society of Japan
Japan Society of Simulation Technologies
Japanese Society for Multiphase Flows
Heat Transfer Society of Japan
Japan Society of Fluid Dynamics
Japan Society of Maintenology
American Society of Mechanical Engineers,
American Physical Society
Institute of Physics
Editor of Measurement Science and Technology
Managing Editor of Journal of Visualization
Editorial Advisory Board of Nuclear Engineering and Design

Future Plan
New knowledge will be constructed by visualizing invisible information. Visualization is a promising technology in the 21st century. Our goal is to be a global visualization center.
Messages to Students
Seek challenges and open new doors. Nothing will happen if you just wait.