Kentaro Miyazaki / Professor /
Department of Computational Biology and Medical Sciences / / Functional Biomolecules Engineering

Career Summary
1989: Graduated from Faculty of Science (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
1994: Received Ph.D. from Tokyo Institute of Technology
1994: Research Associate (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology, AIST)
1997-2000: Visiting Associate (California Institute of Technology)
2000-2001: NEDO
2004-present: Group Leader (AIST)
2006-present: Adjunct Professor (University of Tokyo)
Educational Activities
Research Activities
Functional metagenomics (ref. 1-8)
Directed evolution (ref. 12-22)
Ribosome engineering (ref. 9-11)
1) Suenaga H., Koyama Y., Miyakoshi M., Miyazaki R., Yano H., Sota M., Ohtsubo Y., Tsuda M., and Miyazaki K. (2009) Novel organization of aromatic degradation pathway genes in a microbial community as revealed by metagenomic analysis. ISME J 3(12):1335-1348.
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22) Miyazaki K. (2002) Random DNA fragmentation with endonuclease V: application to DNA shuffling. Nucleic Acids Res 30(24):e139.
Other Activities
Applied and Environmental Microbiology Editorial Board
Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry
The Society for Biotechnology, Japan
Japanese Society for Cell Synthesis Research
Japanese Society for Extremophiles
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