Issei Sato / Lecturer / Division of Transdisciplinary Sciences
Department of Complexity Science and Engineering / / Machine learning

Career Summary
2011.3: Received Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology (University of Tokyo)
2011.4-2015.8: Assistant Professor (University of Tokyo)
2015.9: Lecturer (University of Tokyo)

Educational Activities
Graduate school: Intelligent Systems, Statistical Machine Learning
Undergraduate school: Advanced Statistical Modeling
Research Activities
We study the theory and application of machine learning and statistical data analysis.
We theoretically focus on Bayesian learning and applications including recommendation systems, user activity analysis, scientific article analysis, and medical image analysis.


Other Activities
The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI)
Future Plan

Messages to Students
The moment of "connecting the dots" in research is a great experience that can not be obtained anywhere else.
Let's create such moments together with researchers around the world.