YAMAMOTO, Hirokazu / Professor / Division of Environmental Studies
Department of Natural Enviromental Studies / / 1.The coexistence of sustainable utilization of bioresources and enviromental conservation2.Sustainable forest resources management and environmental conservation basing on field date analysis3.Forest resources management for more constant maintenance of wooden cultural buildings4.Evaluation of biomass productivity on broad-leaved secondary forests5.Studies on management for multi-storied plantation

Career Summary
1976: Graduated, Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo
1976:Technical Officer, The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
1978:Technical Officer, The Saga Prefectural Office
1980:Manager, The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
1984: Research Associate, The University of Tokyo
1989: Doctor of Agriculture from The University of Tokyo
1990: Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
1993-96:Director, The University Forest in Hokkaido, The University of Tokyo
1996: Professor, The University of Tokyo
1999-2006: Director, the University forest in Chiba, The University of Tokyo
2007: Professor, The Graduate School of Frontier Sciences,The University of Tokyo
Educational Activities
Graduate School:Sustainable Forest Resources Management
Undergraduate School:Introduction of Forest Sciences
Forest Ecosystem Sciences and Management
Research Activities
Studies on the supply of large scale timber for repairing wooden cultural properties(2002-2007):
We do research into issues regarding the preparation of materials for repairing wooden historic, cultural buildings in Japan, in order to provide information about forest resources as well as to propose management solutions for eabling continuous maintainance of important cultural properties.

Horyuji Temple
Horyuji Temple

Natural Forest of Kiso Hinoki Cypress
Natural Forest of Kiso Hinoki Cypress

1) T. HIROSHIMA, N. ITO, H. YAMAMOTO of a Volume Table for Evergreen Broad-leaved Trees with Pipe Model Theory and Relative Stem Curve - A Case Study in the Tokyo University Forest in Chiba, Japan - J. Jpn. For. Soc. 88, pp.254-263, Jun. 2006.

2) H. YAMAMOTO: Forest resources management for the maintenance of timber-frame cultural buildings. Forest Resources Management and Mathematical Modeling Vol. 5, pp.25-42, Mar. 2006.

3) H. YAMAMOTO, M. KAJI : Dynamics of population and basal area in a mixed forest with coniferous and broad-leaved species-A case of large-scale and long-term observation plot in the University Forest in Hokkaido. -Bull. Tokyo. Univ. For. 107, pp.1-20, Jan. 2002.
Other Activities
The Japanese Forest Society (JFS)
Association of Japanese Agricultural Scientific Societies(AJASS)
Japan Society of Forest Planning (JSFP)
Future Plan
Our laboratory intends to perform substantial studies on forest resources management in many different types of stand structures. For example, studies into sustainable forest management systems, analysis of stand structure in a mixed forest with coniferous and broad-leaved species, and biomass productivity of broad-leaved secondary forests.

 A mixed forest with coniferous and broad-leaved species in Hokkaido
A mixed forest with coniferous and broad-leaved species in Hokkaido

Messages to Students
I think that forests represent one of the best teaching examples for gaining an undestanding of ecosystems and the life sciences. I will demonstrate the universal rule for human society to coexist with nature through human actions on forests. You can join us in our mission of environmental conservation