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Omics is a new research field in which all the biological data obtained from various studies including genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics are comprehensively collected, integrated and analyzed to decipher the biological nature of living organisms. Today’s marvelous innovation in DNA sequencing technology has enabled us to notably accelerate the accumulation of and analysis of various biological data. This has resulted in a shift of Omics research to the next generation in which the amount of biological data to be handled will be increased by two or more orders of magnitude than that analyzed to date. New datasets will also be produced from emerging research fields such as epigenomics and metagenomics. In the next generation, it will be very difficult to integrate and analyze such vast amounts of data in an individual laboratory. To cope with these current world scientific trends, we established a new research organization named the Center for Omics and Bioinformatics (COB) at the Kashiwa campus in April, 2008, by integrating research activities in both the genomic and computer science fields. The COB aims to develop new Omics technologies and apply them towards the establishment of a large-scale analysis system (Advanced Omics System) equipped with a high-throughput data production pipeline using next-generation sequencers and high-quality bioinformatics combined with a high-performance computer system. The COB system based on high-quality Omics technologies will serve as an engine for supporting various Omics research activities. The COB activities will also create interdisciplinary research opportunities such as that between the life and environmental sciences, will promote many collaborations between research labs at the four campuses, Kashiwa, Hongoh, Komaba and Shirokanedai in the University of Tokyo, and eventually will contribute to the further advancement of scientific technology in Japan through collaborations with other universities and research institutes.

Faculty Members

ASAI, Kiyoshi
SUZUKI, Yutaka

TAKAGI, Toshihisa


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