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Bioimaging Center

 As epitomized by the co-awarding of the 2008 Novel Prize in Chemistry to Dr. Osamu Shimomura for his discovery of green fluorescent protein in the crystal jellyfish, visualization of atomic- and molecular-scale materials sometimes makes sudden advances in various scientific fields. In particular, the biosciences seek to gain a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms in cells, tissues, and whole bodies, and of organism behavior via precise imaging of many molecules changing in time and space, followed by the appropriate processing of the information obtained. We established the Bioimaging Center in our graduate school in April, 2009 to advance integrated research and collaboration among several departments or divisions through the aid of bioimaging sciences. At the Bioimaging Center, we support the use of bioimaging equipment, develop innovative bioimaging techniques and systems, and transmit our achievements to the world.

Bioimaging Center

Faculty Members
1) Division of molecular imaging
2) Division of cellular imaging

AOKI, Fugaku
KAWANO, Shigeyuki

HASEZAWA, Seiichiro
OHYA, Yoshikazu

JIMBO, Yasuhiko
SUZUKI, Kuninori

3) Division whole-body and tissue imaging

HISATSUNE, Tatsuhiro
ODA, Shoji

MITANI, Hiroshi
OHSAKI, Hiroyuki

NOSE, Akinao

4) Division of mathematical biology

OKADA, Masato



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