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99% of the visible universe is in the plasma state and
today's technologies and devices such as computers,
smartphones etc., would not be a reality without plasmas
Our research focuses on the development of new, exotic plasmas,
to push the frontiers of materials research even further

Plasma Materials Science is evolving as a major foundation for the development of advanced technological materials that find application in a large variety of emerging fields such as biotechnology, pharmaceutics and medicine, opto- and nanoelectronics. To address the challenges that the fabrication of new nanomaterials demands, the development of novel plasma techniques that allow to synthesize and process materials more efficiently, economically and ecologically, is necessary. This requires an interplay between different scientific and engineering disciplines. We hope to attract highly motivated students who are capable to 'think outside of the box' and are interested to work in an exceptionally interdisciplinary field and a research group that fosters international collaboration and exchange.

Professor Kazuo Terashima


Professor Kazuo Terashima

Prof. K. Terashima obtained his M.E. and PhD in Metallurgy and Materials Sciences from the University of Tokyo, Japan, in 1984 and 1988, respectively, before becoming professor in the Department of Advanced Materials Science. From 1993-1995, he stayed at the University of Basel, Switzerland, as a guest professor. His major interests are plasmas and plasma materials processing. Currently, his main research focuses on micro- and nanoplasmas, the application of exotic plasmas, such as plasmas in supercritical fluids and cryoplasmas, for materials processing and the synthesis of novel nanomaterials.

Introduction of the study

Introduction of the study

The aim of our research is to establish new frontiers of plasma science & technology for the 21st century: Micro- and Nanoplasma Materials Science. Our main research topics cover the following fields:

  1. Micro- and nanoplasmas generated using piezo-actuators and microfabrication techniques and their physical characterization.
  2. Plasma emission spectroscopy, the development of plasma environmental scanning probe microscopy (SPM) and its application to the study of plasma - solid surface interfaces.
  3. Generation of electric discharge and pulsed laser plasmas in high-pressure and supercritical fluid media, their physical characterization and application to environmentally green materials processing.
  4. Development of highly integrated plasma devices (plasma-chips) and their application to combinatorial materials processing.
  5. Development and characterization of ultra-low-temperature microplasmas (cryoplasmas) and their application to bio- and nanomaterials processing.
  6. Microplasma CVD synthesis of nanodiamond.
  7. Development of nanoplasma electron microscopy and its application to the fabrication of DNA biomaterials.
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Message from a senior

Hitoshi Muneoka

Hitoshi Muneoka

The Terashima laboratory is very open to international collaboration and exchange. There is a Swiss assistant professor and often other foreign researchers, for example, American, Italian, and French, are visiting the lab for conducting research and we have many lively discussions in English. I think this environment is also attractive for foreign students and makes them feel comfortable. The professor is, needless to say, a great researcher, and he is also a great educator. I feel that he educates us not only as a researcher, but also as a member of society. The atmosphere in the lab is very friendly and we have lunch with all members and we play catch ball, table tennis and so on.

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