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A super-transdisciplinary Science has the big discovery
for which we were expecting and waiting. The role of
a guide is the Scientific Methodology!!

"Now" is a very exciting and interesting era. Basic science community is waiting for progress in the area of super-transdisciplinary science research. Research in the field of conventional science has unresolved many important problems. We need new ideas and concepts from young scientists. In this era, we feel that young researchers can have a dream. Especially, single molecule science is very exciting science and technology field.

Until now, I, as a transdisciplinary researcher, have been practicing a combination of physics, metrology, material science, crystallography, biophysics, structural biology, physiology, and molecular biology. By understanding modern fundamental physics, we can utilize advanced science and nano- or bio-technology in interdisciplinary areas. In addition, it is important to recognize your immaturity through many discussions and collaborations with excellent international scientists. I aim to provide interesting environments in order to open the eyes of young students.

Professor Yuji Sasaki


Professor Yuji Sasaki

  • 1986.3: Graduated, Faculty of Engineering, Tohoku University
  • 1991.3: Doctor of Engineering, Tohoku University
  • 1991.4: Research Scientist, Advanced Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd.
  • 1997.12: Senior Scientist, The Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute/ SPring-8
  • 1998.10-2001.9: Researcher, PRESTO/Japan Science and Technology (JST)
  • 2001.4-2003.3: Guest Professor, Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University
  • 2001.10-2006.3: Research Head Director, Protein Structure and Functional Mechanisms, CREST/Japan Science and Technology (JST)
  • 2005.10-2012.3: Research Head Director, Novel Measuring and Analytical Technology Contributions to the Elucidation and Application of Life Phenomena, CREST/Japan Science and Technology (JST)
  • 2008.11-present: Professor, The University of Tokyo

Introduction of the study

Introduction of the study

On the basis of advanced materials science, we are developing the technology needed to achieve new science. Our projects are observing dynamics in biological physics, soft-matter, and nano-materials systems. We are creating a very large super-transdisciplinary area by using these sample systems.

Recently, we succeeded in time-resolved (-μs) x-ray observations of dynamical motions of individual functional protein channels in aqueous solutions for the first time of the world. In this single molecular detection system, which we call diffracted x-ray tracking (DXT), we observed the rotating motions of an individual nanocrystal, which is labeled to a specific site in individual functional molecules, using time-resolved Laue diffraction. New features of the mechanism of functional biological molecules were found in the above study, and we are considering many applications, for example, X-ray trapping, X-ray evanescent microscope, and Single molecular detection system using electron probe.

To achieve the acquisition of advanced information in super-transdisciplinary science, we hope to contribute to material sciences, life sciences, nanotechnology, and biotechnology. Especially, monitoring internal molecular motions and dynamical localization will be particularly important in the future science. Additionally, we should consider user-friendliness and availability to researchers and developers. We will demonstrate the potential of new measurements by using new advanced light sources.

For education, our goal is bringing up students who can conduct scientific research and contribute to practical developments. Now, it is very important for scientists to develop this new super-transdisciplinary science.

Principle of Diffracted X-ray Tracking (DXT)
Sample systems for DXT

Message from a senior

Kentaro Hoshisashi

Chiaki Takanashi

Prof. YC. Sasaki is aggressive in everything researching actively and enjoyably. He is always respecting independence of the students in the study, and giving me a precise indication when I need. In the laboratory, there is an environment which makes it freely to say your opinions what you want to do yourself. It is a small but pleasant laboratory with fun laughter. Now, in the world of nano-scale science, further high-precision measurement method is in great demand. I think that it would be great pleasure for you to discover a new phenomenon in unexplored nano-world to think proactively on your own. Let’s enjoy your study in Sasaki laboratory!

Sasaki and Hoshisashi