Department of Advanced Materials Science, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo

Research Groups

Group of Solid State Physics (The Institute for Solid State Physics)

Condensed Matter Science

Masashi Takigawa Group
Nuclear magnetic resonance, Quantum spin systems, Superconductivity, Strongly collated electron systems
Laboratory of Professor Masashi Takigawa
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Hatsumi Mori Group
Molecular Functional Materials, Superconductors, Magnets, Dielectrics
Laboratory of Professor Hatsumi Mori
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Minoru Yamashita Group
Quantum spin liquid, Superconductivity, Developments of ultra-low temperature equipments
Laboratory of Associate Professor Minoru Yamashita Group
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Materials Design

Zenji Hiroi Group
Superconductivity, Quantum magnetism, New materials search, Transition metal oxides
Laboratory of Professor Zenji Hiroi
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Quantum Materials

Satoru Nakatsuji Group
New Materials Synthesis, Superconductivity, Quantum Spin Liquid, Novel Topological Effects
Laboratory of Professor Satoru Nakatsuji
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Shinji Miwa Group
Quantum spintronics, Novel thin-lm multilayer device, magnetism
Laboratory of Associate Professor Shinji Miwa
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Functional Materials

Jun Yoshinobu Group
Surface and interface, Chemical reaction at surfaces, Surface spectroscopy, Local probe microscopy
Laboratory of Professor Jun Yoshinobu
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Keiicji Inoue Group
Surface and interface, Chemical reaction at surfaces, Surface spectroscopy, Local probe microscopy
Laboratory of Laboratory of Associate Professor Keiichi Inoue
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Nanoscale Science

Yoshichika Otani Group
Magnetism, Spintronics, Spin currents
Laboratory of Professor Yoshichika Otani
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Mikk Lippmaa Group
Condensed Matter Physics
Laboratory of Professor Mikk Lippmaa
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International MegaGauss Science

Yasuhiro Matsuda Group
Ultra-high magnetic fields, Strongly correlated electrons, Quantum spin systems, Magnetic field-induced phase transitions
Laboratory of Associate Professor Yasuhiro Matsuda
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Laser and Synchrotron

Shik Shin Group
Photoemission spectroscopy, Laser spectroscopy, Electronic states, High resolution spectroscopy
Laboratory of Professor Shik Shin
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Laser and Synchrotron

Yoshihisa Harada Group
Synchrotron radiation, Soft X-ray emission spectroscopy, Electronic states, Solution chemistry
Laboratory of Professor Yoshihisa Harada
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Neutron Science

Mitsuhiro Shibayama Group
Soft matter, Neutron scattering, Gel, Light scattering
Laboratory of Professor Mitsuhiro Shibayama
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Takatsugu Masuda Group
Magnetic material, Multiferroics, Experiment abroad at large facility, Neutron scattering
Laboratory of Associate Professor Takatsugu Masuda
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