Taka-hisa Arima & Yusuke Tokunaga Lab.

Correlated-Matter Physics

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We are interested in the strongly-correlated electron systems which show novel physical properties. We design such materials, grow crystals, measure their physical properties, and investigate the origin of the physical responses. Here are some typical examples: / Control of electric polarization of matter with a magnetic field / Change in shape of matter with a magnetic field / Control of magnetism of matter with an electric field / Control of optical property with a magnetic or electric field / Directional birefringence/dichroism / All of these physical responses are related to the simultaneous breaking of symmetries. We often utilize the facilities for synchrotron and neutron experiments to reveal the symmetry breaking.


Strongly correlated electron systems: Fertile ground for development of new functional materials

The semiconductor technology is the most significant accomplishment originating from twenty-century solid state physics. The band model well describes the charge carriers in semiconductors, and is very useful for designing many kinds of devices such as diodes, transistors, memories, photodiodes, and CCDs. Nonetheless, the physical properties of all the materials cannot be predicted by the band model. Strong correlation between electrons is a major source of the discrepancy with the band model. A lot of issues related to the strong electron correlation still remain to be solved and hence attract a bunch of researchers. Another reason why we are interested in The strongly correlated electron systems also provide a rich variety of functions. We are exploring novel physical properties arising from strong electron correlation by paying special attention to symmetry breaking.

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Professor Taka-hisa Arima

Professor Taka-hisa Arima

Research Associate, Department of Physics, University of Tokyo

Research Associate, Department of Applied Physics, University of Tokyo

Associate Professor, Institute of Materials Science, University of Tsukuba

Professor, Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University

Professor, Department of Advanced Materials Science, University of Tokyo

Associate Professor Yusuke Tokunaga

Associate Professor Yusuke Tokunaga

Ph. D., Dept. of Applied Physics, University of Tokyo

Researcher, ERATO Tokura Spin Superstructure Project, JST

Researcher, ERATO Tokura Multiferroics Project, JST

ASI Research Scientist, Advansed Science Institute (ASI),RIKEN

Senior Research Scientist, RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science

Associate Professor, Department of Advanced Materials Science, University of Tokyo

Student voice

Material science is not only an interesting field of science but also has potential for changing the world. For example, if a room-temperature superconductor would be discovered, the electricity power could be transmitted without any energy loss. Moreover, to explore a functional material from many matters is fun, because I feel like hunting a treasure.

Shingo Toyoda

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