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Research content introduction

Our research is based on organic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, and interfacial science. We freely synthesize functional molecules that are often assembled at appropriate interface. For example, synthesized molecular machines are aligned as thin films on water surface, and these molecular machines are operated by hand-like motion of film compression and expansion to catch and release a target molecule. Such molecular machines and insect-like supramolecular assemblies are also transferred on highly sensitive mechanical sensors. Highly sensitive detection of environmentally toxic gasses and super-bio discrimination of amino acids and nucleic acid bases are actually accomplished. We aim to create functional molecular systems that no one have ever prepared.


Can we control molecular machines by our hand? Big findings are always hidden behind impossible questions

I want to be different from others, be storage guy, be in minority group, behave unexpectedly, and work hard like superhuman (but I cannot probably be a smart professor). Last year, Nobel prize of chemistry was given to molecular machines that are operated upon sophisticated molecular designs and are currently by top-level nanotechnology. However, we are trying to operate molecular machines by our hands to make them for everyone's use. Crazy ideas, catch and release of a molecule by hands and nucleic acid base discrimination much better than DNA by hands, can be done with our secrete interfacial technique.

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Professor Katsuhiko Ariga

Professor Katsuhiko Ariga

Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, master course (1990, PhD)

Assistant professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology

Postdoctoral fellow in University of Texas at Austin

Group leader of JST Supermolecules Project

Associate professor at NaraInstitute of Science and Technology

Group leader of JST Aida Nanospace Project

Group leader of National Institute for Materials Science (since 2007, MANA Principal Investigator)

Professor of University of Tokyo

Student voice

When I encounter questions and difficulties, I always visit office of Prof. Ariga. He always provides me useful suggestions and hints to solve the problems from his wide-ranged knowledge and experiences. However, sticking to old facts and ideas is not his preferable solutions. Free thinking and exceptional ideas are much more important for our research. Although he seams to be very busy, discussion with us is always his first priority. In our research group, we are trying to create functional molecules and novel materials by unprecedented methods and ideas. We have to be always thinking for new scientific challenges and are actually enjoying research life.

Waka Nakanishi

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Ariga katsuhiko Group, Department of Advanced Materials Science,

Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo

5-1-5 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba, 277-8561, Japan