February 10, 2017
Re-operation of Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine on Kashiwa Campus 2017:01:27:16:45:15
Dear GSFS students and faculty members,We are pleased to inform you that the broken automatic certificate issuing machine on the Kashiwa Campus had been successfully repaired,and will operate again from January 30, 2017. School-related certificates such as academic transcripts an...
January 27, 2017
January 11, 2017
Postponement of the Changeover of the Academic Affairs System and etc. 2016:12:27:10:31:34
Dear GSFS students and faculty members,This is to inform you of the postponement of the changeover for the University of Tokyo Academic Affairs System (UTAS). For details, please see the following notice from the Student Affairs Group, Education and Student Support Department.We...
December 27, 2016
December 9, 2016
Discovery of mechanism of asymmetric cell division in fertilized egg cells in plants 2016:12:09:10:14:28
An international group of plant biologists have succeeded for the first time in visualizing how egg cells in plants divides unequally (asymmetric cell division) after being fertilized. The direction of this asymmetric cell division determines the body axis of flowering plants, i....
December 9, 2016
December 7, 2016
Information Regarding Changeover of the Academic Affairs System at UTokyo 2016:12:01:11:37:47
Dear GSFS students and faculty members,This is to inform you of the following notice from the Student Affairs Group, Education and Student Support Department.GSFS Student Affairs Section***21 November, 2016To All Students and Academic and Administrative StaffInformation Regarding...
December 1, 2016
Applicant eligibility in the Guidelines for Applicants to the 2017 Master/Doctoral Course 2016:11:09:9:46:38
This is to announce that the date of enrollment referred to for admission in September 2017, stated as “tentative schedule” (e.g., p.1 Introduction Item 1) in the Guidelines for Applicants to the 2017 Master/Doctoral Course of the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences The University of Tokyo, has been determined as September 22, 2017. Accordingly, “the day before the enrollment date” stated in 2. Applicant Eligibility of the guidelines should be interpreted as September 21, 2017.
November 9, 2016
Sperm production induced in female silkworms 2016:11:04:14:51:22
Scientists reveal key gene that determines malenessA group of University of Tokyo researchers and their collaborators embedded a male sex gene into the genome of female silkworms and found that they developed male reproductive glands and started producing sperm, as well as displa...
November 4, 2016
October 7, 2016
September 20, 2016
September 16, 2016
September 7, 2016
September 7, 2016
September 7, 2016
Mysterious increased transition temperature of iron selenide superconductor under high pressure 2016:08:02:15:17:33
Hidden relationship between magnetism and superconductivity unveiledResearchers at the University of Tokyo have shown that the mysterious fourfold increase observed in the superconducting transition temperature, or the temperature at which superconductivity emerges, of iron selen...
August 2, 2016
Discovery may point to new source of superconductivity 2016:07:15:11:15:03
Non-magnetic electronic state and its singularity discovered in iron-based superconductorsA research team, including members from the University of Tokyo, systematically substituted one atom for another in an iron-based superconductor and discovered a new critical point (singular...
July 15, 2016
International Studies student receives 2016 GDN Springer Young Researcher Award. 2016:07:13:12:10:45
One of our PhD students has just received an award for his theoretical paper on procedural choice. Takahiro Suzuki and Professor Masahide Horita presented a paper entitled "Plurality, borda count, or anti-plurality: Regress convergence phenomenon in the procedural choice” at the ...
July 13, 2016
July 11, 2016
July 6, 2016
July 6, 2016
New approach to evaluate irradiation effect on whole body 2016:07:05:14:48:19
Analysis of 3,600 serial sections of medaka after local irradiationA University of Tokyo joint research group has developed a method of applying a heavy particle beam (a beam of accelerated carbon ions) used in cancer radiotherapy to the whole body of a medaka (killifish) and the...
July 5, 2016
Additions to the Eligibility Criteria of Applicants in the 2017 Application Guidelines for the GSFS 2016:06:10:13:09:35
In accordance with the Ministry Ordinance Revising the Enforcement Regulations for the School Education Law (Ministry Ordinance 19, in effect from April, 2016), the following eligibility requirement was added to the “2017 Application Guidelines for the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (Master’s Course)”.
June 10, 2016
June 7, 2016
June 6, 2016
June 6, 2016
June 6, 2016
June 6, 2016
June 6, 2016
June 3, 2016
June 3, 2016
May 16, 2016
May 16, 2016
April 20, 2016
Commencement of First-in-Human Clinical Trial for New Molecular Targeting Drug 2016:04:07:22:22:57
TOKYO, Japan (March 22, 2016) –The National Cancer Center, The University of Tokyo, and Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited (hereafter, Daiichi Sankyo) today announced a collaboration to develop a histone methylation enzyme EZH1/2 dual inhibitor (DS-3201), as a new molecular targeting agent for hematologic malignancy, and the commencement of Phase 1 clinical trial in patients with malignant lymphoma and adult T-cell leukemia-lymphoma (ATL).
April 7, 2016
Dean’s Award for Outstanding Achievement, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences 2016 2016:03:23:14:52:15
The recipients of the Dean's Award for Outstanding Achievement (Master course 12 students, Doctoral course 12 students) and for Community Contribution (1 student) GSFS 2016 were announced. The awards were initiated in 2006 for the purpose of recognizing students and groups for outstanding achievement in academic learning, international exchange, and regional contribution. A ceremony was held on Wednesday March 16, and Dean Takashi Mino awarded plaques to the recipients.
March 23, 2016
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (GSFS) Introduction Video released 2016:03:22:11:46:16
GSFS Introduction Video 14min. GSFS Introduction Video (Short Version) 6min. The University of Tokyo Summer Internship Program (UTSIP)  2min. GSFS Introduction Video ”Kashiwa Campus”  5min.
March 22, 2016
March 16, 2016
March 4, 2016
February 12, 2016
February 12, 2016
February 8, 2016
February 8, 2016
New approach to adult T-cell leukemia therapy 2016:02:02:16:39:01
A University of Tokyo research group has discovered that genome-wide epigenetic disorder is behind patterns of abnormal gene expression found in adult T-cell leukemia-lymphoma (ATL). Further, a newly-developed drug may induce repair of this disorder of the epigenome and shows promise as a novel therapy for ATL.
February 2, 2016
January 13, 2016
January 12, 2016
January 12, 2016
January 12, 2016
January 12, 2016

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