Computational Biology

February 27, 2020
Dean’s Award for Outstanding Achievement, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences 2018 2018:04:13:10:59:02
The recipients of the Dean's Award for Outstanding Achievement (Master course 12 students, Doctoral course 11 students) GSFS 2018 were announced. The awards were initiated in 2006 for the purpose of recognizing students and groups for outstanding achievement in academic learning, international exchange, and regional contribution. A ceremony was held on Wednesday March 14, and Dean Hiroshi Mitani awarded plaques to the recipients.
April 13, 2018
600 million-year-old mystery of vertebrate genome evolution 2007:09:05:16:59:31
Early vertebrate genome evolution has long been in need of clarification, and it is now of particular interest because several distantly related vertebrate genomes have been recently sequenced. We reconstructed the gnathostome (jawed vertebrate), osteichthyan (bony vertebrate), ...
September 5, 2007
And finally… Fishy genome swims into view 2007:06:07:17:13:05
The medaka fish (Oryzias latipes), a popular pet in Japan and model organism in the laboratory, has had its genome sequenced. The data, reported in this week’s Nature, offer novel insights into vertebrate genome evolution.
June 7, 2007