Medical Genome Sciences

February 27, 2020
March 20, 2019
Dean’s Award for Outstanding Achievement, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences 2018 2018:04:13:10:59:02
The recipients of the Dean's Award for Outstanding Achievement (Master course 12 students, Doctoral course 11 students) GSFS 2018 were announced. The awards were initiated in 2006 for the purpose of recognizing students and groups for outstanding achievement in academic learning, international exchange, and regional contribution. A ceremony was held on Wednesday March 14, and Dean Hiroshi Mitani awarded plaques to the recipients.
April 13, 2018
DNA methylation switches in evolution 2014:04:28:10:41:59
It is accepted in the mainstream of life sciences today that the basic unit of heredity is to be found in the genetic information written in the sequence of nucleotides in DNA. However, even when the nucleotide sequence remains unchanged, if a specific nucleotide sequence is modified by means such as methylation, the state of the DNA (epigenetic state) changes and can lead to genes being expressed or suppressed. This epigenetic information can be passed on through genomic replication, a fact that is currently attracting attention. As a result it is possible that the real unit of heredity is to be found in this epigenetic information overwritten on the DNA nucleotide sequence.
April 28, 2014
A novel mechanism for birth and death of genes 2011:01:13:15:01:13
The birth and death of genes is central to evolution, yet the underlying genome dynamics remain elusive. A novel mechanism was found by the team of Ichizo Kobayashi through comparison of 10 complete genomes of Helicobacter pylori, bacterium in the stomach associated with ulcer a...
January 13, 2011
Ultra-selfish genes are forever 2009:10:06:16:20:20
Homing endonuclease genes are 'selfish' mobile genetic elements whose endonuclease promotes the spread of its own gene by creating a break at a specific target site and using the host machinery to repair the break by copying and inserting the gene at this site.
October 6, 2009