Overview of Admission

Overview for the exam held in the academic year 2019. (Abtract is shown here. Check the guidelines and the guidebook for more information.)

Courses Master course (Quota) only Schedule A (25)
Doctoral course (Quota) Schedule A and Schedule B (11 and a few)
Application Period Schedule A 2019.6.13(Thu)-6.19(Wed)
Note earlier application is required for individual screening of entrance qualifications.
Schedule B 2019.11.19(Tue)-11.26(Tue)
Note earlier application is required for individual screening of entrance qualifications.
Examination Period Schedule A 2019.8.20(Tue): TOEFL-ITP,General and Special Subjects
2019.8.22(Thu): Oral Exam. (D. C.)
2019.8.23(Fri): Announcement of the Results of the First-stage Test (M. C.)
2019.8.26(Mon): Oral Exam. (M. C.)
2019.9.3(Tue): Announcement of the Results
Schedule B 2020.2.3(Mon): Exam. (D. C.)
2020.2.17(Mon): Announcement of the Results
Examination Subject Master Course

General and Special Subjects:

You should solve three problems: one common problem and two from the problems on mathematics, physics.
Fields and Coverage are shown in the following.
  • Common problem: Differential/Integral Calculus (coverage: 1st and 2nd year in college)
  • Selection Problem
    • Mathmematics: Linear Algebra, Analysis (Fourier Analysis, Laplace Analysis, Complex Analysis), Probability/Statistics
    • Physics: Mechanics, Electromagnetics, Thermodynamics/Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics
Past probelems are here.



Oral Examination:

Basic Scholarship, Field of Interest, Motivation etc.
Doctoral Course

English: (Schedule A)

Choose one or more of the following two options:
  • take TOEFL-ITP, or
  • submit TOEFL score report.

English: (Schedule B)

submit TOEFL score report.

Oral Examination:

Presentation of the status Master's thesis work, Basic Scholarship, Subject of Research, Motivation etc.

If there are any differences between the information in this page and that in the printed materials (guidebook, guidelines for M.C. and D.C.), rely on the latters.