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ENERGY is the word to describe the potential for work to be done. Any creatures, communities, systems cannot continue to exist without their own mechanism for production, absorption, conversion, transmission and utilization of energy. The mission of the Department of Advanced Energy is to do the educational and research activities on energy-related issues from a wide view point of advanced modern physics, materials, instrumentation, control, system engineering, environmental science and so on.
Reserch fields
The followings are fields in which we are going to play a leading role:
  • Plasma Physics and its Applications
  • High Enthalpy (High Speed and High Temperature) Flow Physics and its Application
  • Structures and Materials for Extremely Severe Environment
  • Energy Production, Conversion and Utilization in Space
  • Advanced Electromagnetic Energy Engineering, Superconductivity Technology
  • High Efficiency Energy Conversion Technology
  • Systems Analysis for Energy Issues
We are aiming at making a contribution to human prosperity through Advanced Energy, gathering and synthesizing knowledge and technologies which have been studied separately in each academic field. The Department of Advanced Energy will do its best to extend the envelope of existing education & research fields in Energy Technology and Science and to be a pioneer in a new innovative area.
Evolution of the Advanced Energy Engineering
Evolution of the Advanced Energy Engineering
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